Dino Safari at Quincy Market 2023!

Dino Safari at Quincy Market 2023! A walk through adventure like no other.

Dino Safari: A Walk Thru Adventure is a realistic, educational, and interactive walk-through safari that’s fun for the whole family. Grab a prehistoric passport and join over 20 giant moving dinosaurs in our walk-thru safari on a globetrotting expedition. Go on an expedition around the world, dropping in to see a variety of dinosaurs living on each of the seven continents that were once Pangea during the Age of Reptiles. Get up-close-and-personal with the most fascinating prehistoric creatures from the mighty T. rex of North America to the giant amphibious Spinosaurus from Africa while you learn how dinosaurs evolved over time, where on earth they lived, and the discoveries paleontologists have made about how they ate, moved, and behaved.

Dino Safari features fossils, interactive games, cutting-edge research, and many varieties of advanced animatronic dinosaurs. Dig up ancient fossils, see how you measure up to the massive T. rex, and race a Raptor. Tickets are now on sale through September 4, 2023

  • Dates: Daily through 9/4/23
  • Duration: Your visit will take approx. 30 minutes
  • Location: Quincy Market – 4 S Market St, Boston, MA 02109. Enter by the Rotunda on the Second Level
  • Age requirement: all ages are welcome! Children under 2 do not need a ticket to attend
  • Price: ticket prices start at $16.00 but bundles available to save $$.
  • Get Tickets here

Dino Safari Image

Dino Safari Image

Location: Quincy Market
4 S Market St
Boston, MA

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