Cultivate Care Farms: Farm Based Therapy

Cultivate Care Farms: Farm Based Therapy

Cultivate Care Farms in Bolton MA is a place for everyone.  Their farm based therapy offerings allow clients to spend time interacting with animals or working in nature. Every client is given the opportunity to get to know the farm and identify which spaces feel comfortable and with which animals they personally connect. From this information, we create individualized treatment plans and create a highly specialized therapeutic experience.

Individual Counseling

Group Counseling for teens and pre-teens

Mindful Goat Meditation

Cultivate Care Farms Mission

To operate, maintain, and expand Care Farming for humans and animals to heal and grow therapeutically through mental health, wellness, and community outreach programming.

The Care Farm Model

Based on a centuries-old Dutch model of social inclusion and mental healing, Cultivate invites individuals to venture outside the traditional counseling setting, and reconnect to the natural world. The farm, and nature at large, acts as a metaphor for emotional pain, and through hands-on experiences clients are able to work through that pain and find lasting peace. Clients have an opportunity to interact with dozens of animals while engaging in therapeutic growth on the farm. Every session and interaction at Cultivate is unique and tailored to the specific needs of every individual. Cultivate is not focused on diagnosis, but on recovery and wellness, we are honored to serve people regardless of their challenges. As an outpatient mental health center, we aim to include teens and adults who have been hesitant to engage or re-engage in therapy and offer an alternative to traditional counseling. We welcome individuals struggling with an array of emotional, developmental, and psychological challenges to join us on a journey of self-discovery and lasting change through the cultivation of one’s mind, body, and environment.

To schedule a free tour of the farm or to become a client, contact them.

Cultivate Care Farms
401 Main St
Bolton, MA
(978) 618-1144
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