Creating a Family Time Capsule

What better time to create a family time capsule than the beginning of a new year? Engage the family in a fun New Years activity and put together a time capsule of your family right now in this moment.

It astonishes me how much my kids grow and change in just six months based on photographs. But beyond photographs, I love reading stories, seeing drawings, or finding toys from when they were younger. It brings back fun memories and feelings of sweet nostalgia.

So besides photographs, what can we put in this family time capsule?

Here are some ideas
  1. Drawings from the kids or small crafts. Make sure to put name, age and date on them so that you can revisit this as a family in the future and admire (or mock) artistic talents.
  2. Baby clothes, favorite t-shirts that are recently outgrown, clothing with a team name or a place you visited. Write down any memories or feelings that the clothing conjures up. Have the kids pick out an article of clothing that meant something to them and have them explain why it is important to their history. They might come up with some real gems!
  3. A receipt from the grocery store. What are you buying these days? (Lots of goldfish and Annie’s cereal bars like me?) How much do things cost? It’s a good opportunity to kids about the of groceries and inflation.
  4. A favorite magazine or a daily newspaper.
  5. Ask members of the family what they think the future will be like in 5 years, 10 years, etc.
  6. Technology like a remote control they don’t use anymore. It will be fun to see how outdated it is.

If you have little ones, this is a nice short clip from the PBS show Arthur that talks briefly about time capsules and their purpose.

Have you created a family time capsule? Tell us your ideas in comments below!

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