Craft & a Book: A Spring-Time Flower Bouquet

Craft & a Book: A Spring-Time Flower Bouquet. Spring is in the air and we love bringing those fresh beautiful flowers inside. Well here are some beautiful crafty flowers that will not wilt or die on you! This craft is perfect for elementary aged kids or preschoolers with some extra help. Plus, we have some great spring time books to pair with this fun craft.

Craft & a Book is a new series that will feature a craft you can pair with an awesome Usborne Books and More (UBAM) book to read aloud with your kids.

Books to Pair with this Spring-Themed Craft
Pop Up Seasons

Enjoy exploring the seasons in this beautiful pop-up book. Five spreads of gorgeously designed pop-up scenes show birds nesting in the spring blossom, bees buzzing in a summer meadow, the wind whipping up the colorful autumn leaves, the crisp white branches of the forest in the snow, and a whole, four-seasons pop-up tree presents a stunning finale. 3 years+ You can purchase this interactive book here.

Little Coloring Bugs

From snails and spiders to scorpions and caterpillars, this book is full of fun things to color. The bold outlines provide the perfect way for young children to develop their pen control and coloring skills, while simple words on each page for parents or older children to read encourage a love of language from an early age. 3 years+. You can get this book here.

Materials A Spring-Time Flower Bouquet: 

Construction Paper





  1. Roll construction paper around a skewer.
  2. Cut slits down the paper as pictured below.
  3. Roll down skewers and tape at the end. 
  4. You did it! Put your beautiful flowers in a vase and show off your perfect spring bouquet.

Craft & a Book: A Spring-Time Flower Bouquet


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Guest Contributor: Sarah Eriksen

Sarah is an Usborne Book Consultant and a mom to two elementary school aged kids in Worcester County. She can be found on her Facebook page Books, I love to Read with Sarah Eriksen.

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