8 ways to improve your mood and ‘tude. Peace is closer than you think.

We are in uncharted waters with Covid-19. We’ve been completely robbed of our norms which can lead to anxiety, frustration and eating thousands of pounds of chocolate chip cookie dough (just me?).

As we are so busy being cook, teacher, cleaner and laundromat, it may feel like it’s possible to take time for a break so we continue on, resulting in more fatigue and more stress. Yuck. There’s a reason they say “Put your own mask on before assisting others.” Here are some quick and easy fixes to put that pep back in your step.

1. Wash Your Face

For me, when life starts to pile up like last week’s laundry, it’s like I can feel a heavy film atop by skin. Literally wash the stress away by locking yourself in the bathroom for five minutes, get the water running warm and give your face a nice, soothing scrub with something that smells like heaven. Now that fresh face of yours is ready to take on the world. Bring it.

2. Buy Yourself Something

A splurge doesn’t have to cost a fortune, especially to us parents rarely treat ourselves. Think of something simple yet indulgent—a new book, a cozy throw blanket, a block of decadent cheese. My favorite purchase? My very own pillow pet—the dolphin one. Man, I love that thing. Get online and order yourself up something just for you. And no, you don’t have to share it if you don’t want to.

3. Organize Your Surroundings

Everyone knows that living amongst a cluttered environment makes your anxiety feel like a buzz saw. Skip the quick clean and do some internet research on how to de-clutter and find tips on organizing your home. Necessity is the mother of invention and let me tell you, a lot of mothers out there have invented excellent ways to easily keep a home under control. Create some new house rules and make sure you get your family on board. You are not responsible for always hanging everyone’s coat and keeping toothpaste out of the sink.

4. Put Pen to Paper

With the 1,000+ thoughts we have swirling around in our over-capacity heads, it can feel pretty overwhelming pretty darn quick. I like to keep one of those tiny spiral-bound notebooks in my purse and use it to keep track of tasks, reminders, etc. whenever they come to mind. When you write things down, you free yourself from the stress of trying to remember everything. The best feeling of all? Crossing it off. You go with your productive self.

5. Bon Voyage Stack-o-Crap

You know that pile of “stuff” that has taken up permanent residence on your kitchen counter/beside vanity/desk? The one you look at every day and immediately feel yourself exhale in defeat? Here’s how to solve that: go to Staples and buy one of those large expanding file systems (kinda looks like a suitcase). Start filing away those things you simply can’t get rid of (school drawings, receipts, old birthday cards, etc.). As soon as one of those pesky counter-clutterers hits the surface, immediately file it away. I feel relieved already.

6. Get Outside

Getting fresh air and maybe even a little exercise al fresco is said to do wonders for the psyche. The beaches may be closed, but neighborhoods, office parks and select green spaces are open! Only have a few minutes? Take a five minute walk or even stand on your door step, feel the fresh air and take some grateful breaths.

7. What’s That Smell?

I have a bottle of lotion that I bought while on vacation in California. It’s made from olive oil and lemon and every time I put it on, I can feel my load lighten, even slightly. If you’re anything like me, you probably have some scented lotions or oils long forgotten under your bathroom sink. Dig them out! Scents are a powerful mood booster.

8. Watch Your Kids While They Sleep

If there is anything more beautiful than this, I haven’t experienced it yet. When I’m looking at my children asleep in their beds, I can literally feel my heart bursting inside my rib cage. Remember how your son said you didn’t know anything about math? Remember how your daughter slammed her door and said she didn’t like you? Those matter not and the anxious feelings of the day’s tense times are transformed into a powerful feeling your chest can barely contain. Until the next morning when you want to run down the street with your arms flailing again. 😉

What’s your favorite trick for boosting your mood?

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