Cook with your family! $5 Dinner Mom offers up mealtime videos perfect for kids!

$5 Dinner Mom (aka Erin Chase) is offering up some family fun– and ideas for dinner!

Erin and her sons hosted some daily cooking lessons for kids last spring when the pandemic began. Since you can’t see them live, the archived videos can be found here:

A Note to you from Erin:

I know all of these cancellations are so stressful, and we want to help alleviate some of that for you with these educational and entertaining videos and lessons.

And by entertaining, I mean your kids can watch my kids call me “cringe-y.”

And by educational, I mean they will learn something useful and practical…and it’s not about how to beat their favorite video games!

Towards the end of the Taco Soup lesson, I share an IMPORTANT word for parents and how to take your time teaching your kids to cook. Be sure to watch that part!

Happy cooking, and spending time together in the kitchen!

For more family friendly recipes, see the WCKC Recipe Pages.

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