Celebrate these Bizarre Holidays of August

Trying to come up with activities to do with the kids in the summer can be hard. I like to look at the made up holidays to inspire my themes. Here’s what August has to offer for pre-determined themed days.

August 3: National Watermelon Day 

Eat watermelon or a watermelon inspired treat. Hold a watermelon seed spitting contest (although this seems like a gross idea especially in the middle of a pandemic…).

August 5: National Campfire Day

Cook dinner over a campfire, plan some campfire entertainment or stories, make a campfire craft. See S’mores day on August 10 as well.

August 7: National Lighthouse Day


Visit a local lighthouse. We love a visit to Nubble Lighthouse in Maine and Fox’s Lobster House for lobster rolls and ice cream. But there are plenty of fun lighthouses to visit right here in Massachusetts. Or do a craft with the kids where they build lighthouses out of plastic cups.

August 9: Book Lover’s Day

Visit your local library to stock up on some books or patron the local bookstores (we have so many good ones in the Worcester area!). Hold a read-a-thon with the family or read a book and then watch its movie companion.

August 10: S’Mores Day

Make a small fire in a pit in the yard and roast marshmallows. Tell spooky stories around it. If you don’t want to commit to making a fire, you can definitely make s’mores in a microwave or oven.

August 13: Friday the 13th!

Celebrate this UNLUCKY day with the kids. Create a good luck charm to ward off the bad luck associated with this day, read a spooky book or watch a (family-friendly) scary movie like Casper. Learn about superstitions or make a black cat craft. Red Tri has more ideas for how to celebrate this “special occasion.”

August 24: Pluto Demoted Day

This day honors the day that Pluto was demoted from the ninth planet in the solar system to just a dwarf planet.  Take them on a visit to the Boston Museum of Science and introduce them to the joys of astronomy. Or read a book together about the Solar System and about planets. The Magic School Bus has a great episode on the solar system (Magic School Bus Gets Lost in Space) that could be worth watching depending on your kids’ ages. Make a model of the Solar System (and then decide whether to include Pluto or not!).


August 26: Dog Day 

Visit a local dog park or bake special treats for the dog in your life. No dog in your life? Do some community service at your local shelter or shop for them based on the shelter’s wish list. Worcester Animal Rescue League (WARL) Wish List

August 30: Frankenstein Day 
This is an especially wacky one… Wear green and do your best Frankenstein walk. Learn about the story of Victor Frankenstein and his monster. Create a mad scientist experiment or monster. I love these classics board book series and this one is on theme.

Looking for other fun things to do, our calendar is always loaded with fun ideas so you and your family are never bored.

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