Father’s Day Gift Idea: Canvas paintings from the kids!

Inexpensive and homemade– what makes a better gift than that?

Kids loooove painting, and are usually only inhibited by us moms who aren’t excited about the prospect of scrubbing paint stains from the carpet or clothes. But if your kids are at least two years old, they can most often manipulate a brush and keep to a confined space.

It’s all about prep…I keep a stash of those plastic party tablecloths and complete cover my kitchen table (tape down the sides so it won’t slip—lesson learned!).  Then put them in some old clothes that are already stain-ridden, or better yet, buy your kids one of those inexpensive synthetic smocks.

When you can catch a sale one of those craft stores, you can buy small canvases for about $2 a piece. I purchased a selection of acrylic paints (they clean up just as easy as finger paints and the like) that match my color preference and interior design—here’s why: because after they create their masterpieces, which are usually pretty abstract and kind of cool looking, the art will match your existing décor and you can hang them on the wall in a playroom or bedroom.

Paintings also make cute and personal gifts for family members. Kids feel so proud of their accomplishments and by displaying their art in your home, you are letting them know how much you appreciate it, as well.

What You’ll Need:

  • Assortment of acrylic paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Canvases (stretched across wooden frame)
  • Plastic tablecloth and smocks (optional)

Clean up is a snap. All paints and brushes will wash up with warm water. Get going on those masterpieces!

Ages: Ages 2+

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