CAMP-The Ultimate Interactive Shopping Experience!

CAMP-The Ultimate Interactive Shopping Experience: It was half way through our visit at CAMP, when 7 year old Emma said “This is my favorite store”. And we could see why.

CAMP, located at the Burlington Mall is the most fun store a child could imagine. When you walk into CAMP, it is like any other quality toy store, until they reveal that there is a secret door. That door leads to a magical interactive play area.

Once through the secret doors, the girls, ages 7 and 4, immediately spotted scooters. They hopped on the scooters to explore “Base Camp”, the new theme of CAMP this quarter. (The Paw Patrol Experience just ended). We felt like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, minus the chocolate.

We enjoyed the camp bunkhouse with a special slide, the equipment to ride on like scooters and horses, and the craft area. Scroll through our pictures below to see some of the different fun areas of Base CAMP.


CAMP Scooters


CAMP Experience

The layout. The events. The rules.

Camp Interactive Experience

They loved these ride on horses that come in different sizes.

Splatter Painting at CAMP Interactive Shopping

Splatter Painting



Ceramic Painting

Bunk Bed Slide

Sliding into the Disco Sequin Dance Room

Disco Room


Other Available Crafts
Camp Spin Art

Spin Art

CAMP Slime

Endless Slime Choices

CAMP Umbrellas

Design Your Own Umbrella!



Something new to explore around every corner

A spot to unwind, snuggle and read.

The Staff

The staff needs a mention. CAMP must go through many applicants to find just the right people.  They are helpful, energetic, kind, and know just how to get on the kid-level. Once you meet “Sarah” in the splatter room, you’ll know just what we mean.

Special Events

CAMP Stores have special events every month! You may find dance parties, art workshops, and so much more!

We can’t possibly show you everything there is to explore.  You’ll have to check it out yourself!  Don’t wait too long to see the Base CAMP Experience, the theme changes every quarter!

WCKC Pro Tips:
  • Park at the entrance near Primark. (Opposite end of the Macy’s entrance)
  • This is a great place to take note for future birthday and holiday gifts. Take pictures of the items the kids love and order them from the CAMP website! See their gift guide.
  • Sign up for the CAMP newsletter and get 10% off your merchandise or ticketed activity.
  • Friendly Toast is close by, and the food there is AMAZING if you are hungry after your trip to CAMP.

Admission to Base CAMP is FREE!  You pay only if you’d like to do a special craft (coloring pages are free) or special event.  Open daily. See their hours here.

Burlington Mall
75 Middlesex Turnpike 1st Floor
Burlington, MA 01803



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