Animal Adventures Opens New Location In Hubbardston

Animal Adventures Opens New Location In Hubbardston!  After 25 years in Bolton, Animal Adventures is expanding to a second location in Hubbardston, MA.

The public is invited to a special fundraiser to help the family zoo & rescue center get off the ground.

The Hubbardston fundraiser is set for Thanksgiving weekend on November 26, Saturday from 3-5pm. Come by and see the new property and meet some animal friends. Tickets are just $25 and you will get to meet a baby Kangaroo, baby kinkajous, a fox, an owl, armadillo, alligator and more!

About Animal Adventures Hubbardston

Set on the shores of Williamsville Pond, they have over 6.5 acres of recreational land plus 300 square miles of conservation land. What they currently offer:

  • special events
  • private tours & group tours
  • specialty classes
  • animal centered birthdays parties
  • Zoo Church  in alliance with Animal Adventures will be opening a full time specialty school (January). Featuring zoology and animal care as an addition to the students curriculum.
  • and much more to come as they grow!

New Location

Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center
39 Burnshirt Rd
Hubbardston, MA

Animal Adventures Facebook Page

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      1. Lori

        I am so excited to finally have something like this, close by. This community needed something like this, for the kiddos & adults like myself, who absolutely love animals!! Any job openings?? MY adult sons work on a farm and are nature born animal lovers. As children, we lived on a farm & their current experience, they would love, this! Their current job site has recently closed, due to the passing of a very sweet owner. I also would be interested in part time? Thank You, I offer you much success & will definitely, visit & donate to a great cause! I will spread the word to friends and family!! Good luck & much success to you..

      1. Animal Adventueres

        Hi Louise, Yes, most of the terrain is wheelchair assessable. Right now we are only hosting private events in Hubbardston such as our special fundraiser on Nov. 26th and birthday parties. These areas are easily accessible. Our Bolton location is also wheelchair friendly as most of the area is flat. Some of the outside area is stone/gravel path, grass and concrete.

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