Andrew Hacket Local Author & Teacher Releases Three New Books with Book Tour

Andrew Hacket is a local teacher in Central Massachusetts teaching elementary school in the Wachusett Regional School District. He wrote three children’s books coming out this spring: Ollie, the Acorn and the Mighty Idea, Curilocks & the Three Hares, and Hope and the Sea. According to Hacket, there is a common thread of self acceptance and finding belonging that runs through them all. All three books can be purchased through the local independent bookstore Tidepool Bookshop!

Below is my interview with Andrew Hacket on publishing, local inspiration, and what it is like teaching and writing!

What inspired you to write children’s books?

My children, my students, and my childhood love of the power of imagination all inspired me to explore writing books for children. Over the years I had read hundreds of picture books to my children and students and seen the joy they brought to them. I had always had an inkling of desire to pursue this and my time with children and books kept that dream alive until I finally had time to pursue it. 

When did you start writing? 

I began writing seriously in 2020. I took the year off of teaching to be home with my kids, and this was the first time I had the mental capacity to learn about the publishing industry. With this new knowledge, I was able to start drafting my manuscripts and began the process of finding a literary agent. 

I read that nature inspires you to write also. Are there any specific local nature spaces that inspire you? 

Anywhere I can get out into nature works for me, but some specific spots I love are Mass Audubon Broadmeadow Brook in Worcester, Trout Brook in Jefferson,  and Wachusett Mountain in Princeton. I am always on the lookout for new places to hike, kayak, and fish. While I don’t always write while out in nature, the quiet and time alone often help puzzle through stories and begin to mentally plan for that first draft.

Did any student personalities, stories, or moments make it into your books? 

I feel like the personalities of my characters are a composite of so many students I have worked with before, but to date, there hasn’t been a specific student or interaction that has directly led to a book. 

What do you hope kids will take away most from any of your upcoming published titles?

As different as my three books are there is a common thread of self acceptance and finding belonging that runs through them all. I hope kids will see themselves in these stories and feel accepted for who they are while also learning to accept others. 

What led you to publishing three books in such a short time frame? 

I am beyond lucky and grateful to have this opportunity happening and to be quite honest, a bit overwhelmed. Each story is being published with a different company and was acquired at a different time. Each of these wonderful publishing houses operate separate from the others and the lining up of similar publication dates has been purely coincidental. 

How does being a writer affect how you teach reading and writing in the classroom? I see you are doing workshops with kids in classrooms and would love to know more about your approach.

I love this question! One of the biggest impacts on my teaching has been my awareness of current children’s books. This has allowed me to diversify my lessons and infuse current books into existing lessons. Another place I see the impact of being an author on my teaching is in my openness to allow students to collaborate on their writing. As an author my books would not exist without the network of writing friends with whom I trade critiques. Their advice is invaluable and helps me be a better writer. I had to stop and wonder one day, why would I not want this same benefit for my students? Since then, collaborative writing and a team approach have been integrated into our writing time. 

You have some great upcoming author events! Is there anything that you want to highlight for us? 

I would love for families to be aware of the many wonderful, free opportunities that exist for them through local independent bookstores and organizations. Locally, Tidepool Bookshop in Worcester, MA and Overlook Farm in Rutland, MA have great programing. Traveling a little further, The Silver Unicorn in Acton, MA regularly has events with local authors. I have had the pleasure of working with all three of these organization and can speak to their kindness, generosity, and passion for what they do. 

Coming up I will be at Tidepool Bookshop on May 5 at 2:00 for the launch of my second book, Curlilocks & the Three Hares. This is a free event and all are welcome! And then I will also be at The Eric Carle Museum on May 25 at 11:00 for a story time.

We can’t wait to get our hands on these beautiful new titles. And we wish Andrew Hacket the best on his upcoming book tour!

Upcoming Local Author Events with Andrew Hacket

Saturday, May 25 Eric Carle Museum 11 am
Special Story Time: Curilocks and the Three Hares 

Past Events

Thursday, April 18 Gale Free Library 1 – 2 pm
‘Ollie, the Acorn, and the Mighty Idea’ Author Talk

Saturday, April 27 Tidepool Bookshop 12 Noon
Special Author Event

Friday, May 3 Beaman Memorial Library 2 pm
A Visit with Local Author Andrew Hacket

Sunday, May 5 Tidepool Bookshop 2 pm
Andrew Hacket: Curlilocks and the Three Hares Book Launch

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