A Dish the Kids Can Create: Turkey Fruit Plate

A Dish the Kids Can Create: Turkey Fruit Plate. I am never 100% confident what parts of our Thanksgiving feast my kids will enjoy. They will probably eat some turkey and will surely eat the rolls, but after that, anything more is a bonus. What I can rely on is that my daughters will always be happy to eat fruit. That is why we turn to the turkey fruit plate each year.

For the last few years, I have engaged my older daughter Emma, who is now seven, in creating a dish for Thanksgiving – the turkey fruit plate. She loves that one of the dishes is hers to contribute and she helps in the design and the execution. Riley, who is three, helped with careful supervision last year. As you can see in our pictures below, I really let them help with design. Who decided M&Ms went on a fruit plate? The children of course.

Do they come out as good as the Pinterest pictures? Of course not. Is she still incredibly proud of her result at the end? Absolutely. And as people arrive to our home with their dishes to share, I love that my kids are also part of the making of the feast even at young ages.

Girl holding a plate with fruit laid out like a turkey

Turkey Fruit Plate 2020

Tray on table with a Thanksgiving turkey fruit plate

Turkey Fruit Plate 2019



Pinterest Worthy Turkey Fruit Plates for Inspiration

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