Enough already! 7 Ways to beat the cold and be *warm* again.

I’m cold.

I’m always cold, truthfully, but now, I’m just perpetually cold. This snow storm was just another March kick in the keister reminding us that Winter isn’t done with us yet.

I’m over it! My plan is to outsmart Mother Nature with some simulated warmth until the real thing gets here. Join me, won’t you?

Get on your Feet

Get heated the natural way. Exercise! You know what they say, Summer Bodies are made in the winter. (Tell that to the oversized box of Lindt chocolates my family gave me the other day—thanks for nothing!) If you don’t belong to a gym, consider joining one. Find a gym that offers specifically what you want and sweat it out a few days a week. Many offer childcare so no excuses there. You won’t be complaining about the cold during a spin class, that’s for sure.

Alternative: Eat! I’ve read that if you eat spicy food, it increases your metabolism. So it’s pretty much just like exercising. Try out an Indian restaurant or cook up a spicy stew at home (my kids even love a mild Chicken Tikka Masala). Or just give them the naan and you eat the spicy stuff. They’re not the cold ones anyways.

The Butterfly Museum, Westford MA

At a constant balmy 82°, this indoor utopia of beautiful butterflies and tropical foliage will get you in the mood. With over 15 different butterfly species, you can walk the winding pathways observing these and other creatures in their natural habitat. Explore exhibits containing various stages of the emerging butterflies, view an educational movie and interact with staff members to answer your butterfly questions. The Butterfly Museum is open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Admission is $12.50 for adults, $8.50 for children (kids under 2 are free). They say it takes about an hour to make your way through the museum, but at 82°, I’d plan for three or four hours. Visit the butterflyplace-ma.com for more info. Closed November-Valentine’s Day.

Alternative: If you’re not into butterflies or nature, but love people and really small spaces, check out the sauna or steam room at your local gym. I’ve never been in one, but the ladies at my gym swear by it!

CoCo Key Waterpark, Danvers MA

Where else can you be in a bathing suit, sipping on a Pina Colada in 82° weather in under 45 minutes? CoCo Key has 65K square feet of waterslides, an adventure river, water-filled jungle gym, zero-depth entry pool and play area, indoor/outdoor spa, an activity pool (think water basketball, obstacle course), thatched roof cabanas and frozen drinks. After about five minutes, you’ll forget that there’s still snow outside and summer is a good 18 months away. Full-day Passes $45; Under 48” $35; Spectator Pass $20. Special pricing after 4pm available. Tickets must be booked in advance. For more info, visit cocokeyboston.com. Need anything else? A babysitter would be great. But you’re on your own for that.

My Grandmother’s House

With multiple skylights and a wall of sliding glass doors, my Nana’s living room is the equivalent of copping a squat on the surface of the sun. The room temperature is a constant 85°– and that’s in the dead of winter. Where in your house does the sun shine in so warm and bright that the Vitamin D pours out like a spigot? Find that spot and sit there. Move whatever you have to move (furniture, pets, other children) to occupy that glorious square of healing warmth. Even five minutes of soaking up sun rays will make you feel like you just had one of those expensive massages. Not quite? Try ten minutes.

Alternative: Position the windows/windshield/sunroof of your car to be in line with the sun. Recline your seat and soak it in. Even better, turn on the seat heaters, pump up the temperature and don’t get up until you’re sweating. It’s kind of like Hot Yoga but without the yoga.

If you need me from now until June 20 or so, I’ll be inside my fireplace.

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