5 Snow Day Activities to Save Your Sanity. Feeling cooped up? Here are a few activities to help keep you and the kids busy on a snowy day!

Laundry Basket Skee Ball

If you can get all the laundry done and out of the laundry baskets, try a little game of indoor skee ball! This looks easy and requires few materials for some fun! I recommend using small plastic balls so the kids can do no damage (hopefully) though! Click here for instructions.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

We love a good outdoor scavenger hunt that keeps the kids busy for hours. Why not make the same rules apply for an indoor scavenger hunt? Make a list with the kids: something red, something alive, something blue, something soft, something you love etc. Or hide specific items and make a list for the kids: a favorite stuffed animal, a lego or duplo block, a favorite book, a spatula, a ball, a matching pair of socks etc.

Create Snow Ice Cream

Mmmm this treat looks fun to make and has all the ingredients you already have in your house (plus the outdoor ingredient snow, which we have plenty of now). This mom used any leftovers for snow pops!  Click here for instructions.

Paper Plate Ring Toss

Add this with the skee ball and you can have a little indoor arcade! You will need paper towel rolls and paper plates for this easy activity. Kids can help color the paper plates or decorate the paper towel rolls before set up too. Make it a competition or create a “high score” that the kids need to beat together. Great for gross motor skills! Click here for instructions.

Movie Time

If all else fails, snow days are great days for cuddling and watching a movie. My kids just discovered the movie Encanto on Disney Plus and Latte and the Magic Waterstone on Netflix is one of my favorite kid films. Add some popcorn, blankets and pillows and you have a couple of hours of peace.

Did you miss our first list? Check out some other ideas to bring the winter fun indoors here. 

What snow day activities save your sanity? Tell us about it in comments.

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